Published November 23, 2021

You’re Invited to the GLS City Catalyst Gathering 2021

Join like-minded leaders who are FOR their city in an online event that will encourage and inspire you to make a positive impact. Learn how to leverage your platform, influence and network to experience the positive city-wide transformation you long to see become a reality! Learn More >>


Learn from and encourage one another toward city transformation.

At the Global Leadership Network, we are passionate about leadership development that ignites transformation. It’s about more than supporting men and women on a journey to thrive personally—it’s also about leaders like you uniting locally around a common vision to see positive transformation ignite in your city.

Forward thinkers like yourself look at their city differently—they see the biggest needs in their city and bring like-minded men and women together to address those needs—supporting the growth of a thriving community.

Your role in your community is vital! This is why we are excited to come together to learn from and encourage one another toward positive city transformation.


Why Attend

  • Discover a plan to activate the leaders in your city for collaborative impact.
  • Learn how leaders like you are tackling the problems in their city.
  • Be encouraged and inspired in the presence of like-minded peers across the U.S.
  • Unleash the power of listening to and being FOR your city.


Sign-Up Bonus: Free Excerpt

Just for signing up to join us on December 7 at the City Catalyst Gathering, we will send a free excerpt from chapter one on six trends that will shape the future of your church from the book, The Externally Focused Quest, Becoming the Best Church FOR the Community by Eric Swanson and Rick Rusaw. Simply RSVP with your contact information, and you will receive your copy by email with your Zoom confirmation.

Join us at the GLS City Catalyst Gathering 2021 >>
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