Published April 12, 2021

The GLS Inspires Movement of Peace in a Once Notoriously Crime-Ridden Region

After attending The Global Leadership Summit in 2015, a group of pastors and leaders in the Philippines decided to adopt a local region notorious for terrorism and crime and help develop and transform the culture into one of peace.

They banded together and prayed for the region of Mindanao. For several years they prayed earnestly for God’s guidance. And one day, one of the pastors in the group was voted into the local government as chairman.

What was once known as a red-coded area, became an area where many people were surprised to see transformation.

When he became chairman, this group of pastors conducted many values-based Bible studies with the local government. And things began to change. What was once known as a red-coded area, became an area where many people were surprised to see transformation—more people began getting involved in peacemaking.

Eventually the pastors convinced more than 200 rebels, who had once been part of terrorizing the region, to submit themselves to the government. As a result, many lives have been changed and churches have been planted.

“Let’s keep praying for Mindanao to be a land of promise and a culture of peace,” said Pastor Nas Silava in Mindanao. “And pray we can see this grander vision spread all over the country. Thank you so much for praying for us!”

Watch Pastor Nas Silava share what happened through the GLS in Mindanao.

“I also am so proud and happy for this team,” said Chris Torres, GLS regional producer for east and west Asia. “They just had one of their best GLS events ever in their five years of holding the GLS. They saw a greater reach and impact. A lot of opportunities to share the GLS have opened up for them.”


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